100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We believe in our products and abilities and are willing to stand behind them.
What this means to you is: If for any reason our products or service do not meet or exceed your expectations and we cannot resolve your issue to your satisfaction, we will refund your full purchase price.


We believe we are one of the best in the industry with a standard 2 weekdelivery! Need a wheel sooner:
Ask your Sales Representative about our Expedite Service!!

Pay-Per-Performance Program:

This is a opportunity for you to try our Resinbond products.
Our goal is to save you money: So we came up with this no-risk “Pay-Per-Performance-Program”. It works like this. .....read more

Questions to know when ordering a wheel:

  •  What RPM am I grinding?
     Am I grinding wet or dry?
     What material am I grinding?

Am I using the right wheel....read more

About Us:

Freedom Diamond Tool Inc., is a newly formed company that is represented by 80 years of collective experience and who believes in producing only the.....read more

Mission Statement:

To meet or exceed our Customer, Employee and Shareholder’s expectations through the use of fair weights and measures in all we do and by always keeping the customer and quality at the forefront.

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